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At Jackson & Ojeda LLC, we provide legal counsel in various law areas, including family law, adoption, guardianship, criminal defense, personal injury, and much more. Our team is personable and extremely knowledgeable in helping you through any case.

We will always prioritize your best interests whether you are going through a divorce settlement, drafting a will or estate plan, facing criminal charges, or facing a property dispute. Any legal battle can seem overwhelming and complicated. You need an experienced and professional attorney who is well-versed in the matter to guide you and give you the personalized attention you deserve.

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Family Law

Child custody battles can take a toll on all family members involved. At Jackson & Ojeda LLC, we take a holistic approach and provide solution-oriented legal counsel through all family law matters.

When you are navigating through divorce, guardianship, or other family law issues, you need an experienced advocate on your side to protect your rights and interests. We can help you achieve favorable outcomes with care and concern.

Family Law | Jackson & Ojeda Attorneys at Law, Cheyenne, WY
Whether you are related or unrelated, we can help you through the entire adoption process. We can handle step-parent adoption, relative adoption, foster care options, and other adoption solutions.
Our attorneys are well-versed in the court process of guardianship. Guardianship is allowing one or more persons to act as the guardian of a child or an incapable adult.
Child Support
During a divorce, a child’s well-being is on the line. But it’s important to protect yourself, as well. We can guide you through the equitable division of debt, support distributions, settlements, and much more.
Divorce can be an overwhelming and challenging transition. Our attorneys are experienced in informing clients on serving papers, asset division, separation agreements, and even mediation.
Paternity can be a complicated family law process in determining a father’s rights. We can guide you through establishing the paternity of a child through court determination.
Parental Rights & Custody
With children in the picture during family law disputes, it is essential to consider all factors. We can guide you through visitation, custody, child support, and more.

Civil & Criminal

Civil litigation involves a wide range of disputes, and criminal defense is a grave process that can seem overwhelming. With Jackson & Ojeda LLC, our dedicated attorneys will help you avoid costly mistakes that can jeopardize your future.

We can help you by proving fault or negligence in a claim against you and ensuring your case’s best possible outcome. Whatever the civil or criminal dispute may be, we are committed to getting you the results you desire.

Civil & Criminal Law | Jackson & Ojeda Attorneys at Law, Cheyenne, WY
Personal Injury
Are you a victim of an auto accident or other scenario that has resulted in your suffering? We are experienced and dedicated to helping you receive the compensation you deserve.
Criminal Defense
A criminal conviction can change the rest of your life. Our attorneys are ready to fight for you and advocate with your best interest in mind. We will get you the outcome you desire.
DUI Defense
With the proper defense, you can have peace of mind throughout your DUI case. We will fight on your side to achieve fair and desirable results for your case.
Small Claims

If you are dealing with an altercation or claim of $3,000 or less, allow our team to represent you in small claims court. Your case is worth fighting for.

Forcible Entry & Detainer
As a landlord, you take a large risk when occupying tenants in your property. If problems ensue and you must evict a tenant, count on us to help you fight through the case.
Protection Orders

Trust our professionals to keep you safe when you are in harm’s way. With a court order of protection, you can stay safe from an individual who proves harmful in your life.

Stay protected with zealous advocates.

Trust, Wills, & Probate

Probate administration can be an overwhelming chain of procedures. The main way to avoid probate is by having proper estate planning documents in place before someone’s death.

Our dedicated and experienced attorneys at Jackson & Ojeda LLC will help you with any estate planning, trust distribution, and formulating a will to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Trust, Wills & Probate | Jackson & Ojeda Attorneys at Law, Cheyenne, WY
Estate Planning
Estate planning can make your life much more comfortable and enjoyable. We can help you cover documents and maintain control of your assets and distribute property according to your wishes after passing on.
Estate Administration

When the passing of a loved one occurs, and it is time to manage their property, the process can be challenging to endure. We are committed to helping you through asset division and property management to bring you peace of mind.

Elder Law
Our attorneys are compassionate about helping you make the right decisions regarding your loved ones and future. We can guide you through long-term care planning, retirement, and more.
Trust Administration
We are experienced and happy to guide you through trust administration, drafting a will, and more. We will discuss trust planning and keep your future and your loved ones protected.
Medicaid Planning

Allow us to help you plan ahead for Medicaid by accelerating your qualifications. We strive to find the support and guidance our clients need when they need it.

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